How to Dress Like A Prom Queen from the 90's

This is steps to look classy and sweet at the same time enjoy.


  1. Find a 80s or 90s dress (your choice). Best%20buy%201991%20Romantik.jpg
  2. If you do not have have a dress you can make one (this article will show you in the end).
  3. If you want your makeup to mach, that's fine (blue or purple is the most suggested lipstick and eye shadow). Purple_lipstick.jpg
  4. Put a flower in your hair maybe. Huge%20white%20girl%20afro%20curls%20bw.jpg
  5. If you don't have a dress or can't buy one, here are the steps:
    • Get the pattern of fabric.
    • Cut it in the shape you want. Dress%20pattern%204%205.jpg
    • Sew it together (add accessories if wanted). Nespresso_accessories.jpg

Things You'll Need

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