How to Dress Like Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska

How to dress like Alaska Young is an interesting topic because she is a very interesting person.


WHat clothes should I buy?

  1. Alaska young has a distinct outfit style. She wears jean shorts, tank tops, and converse shoes. On the occasion she could be caught in a t-shirt or a hoodie. You should consider having;
    • Jean shorts
    • Converse shoes (any color)
    • Tanks tops (any color)
    • T-shirts handy
    • Hoodie or two
    • Plaid button downs to drape over your tank top when you feel chilly or want some more style
    • Flip flops

Dressing the part

  1. Alaska wears her clothes loosely and confidently. Make sure what your wearing you feel strong and good looking in, never wear something you do not think you look good in. Make sure when you dress yourself, you dress to make a great perhaps. Be ready for anything, dress ready. Lastly, be confident in yourself, be the Alaska you want to be.


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