How to Dress Like Alex Mercer in the Prototype

The game Prototype is an action adventurous game that was developed by the Radical Entertainment and published by Activision. This main character of this game is Alex Mercer, who has the incredible power of shape shifter and does not remember anything of this past. This game has set the plot to the city of Manhattan in New York, which gives the abilities to the player to roam freely. The game character Alex Mercer, realizes about his abilities to jump up high and has his physical strength to kill the humans and aliens with just one simple punch, but what he did not realize is his outfit that will soon trend throughout.


  1. Get yourself denim jeans. Be it blue or black, this Jacket will surely go along with blue or black Denim Jeans. If Blue Jeans is available with you then well and good, if Black, it will work even better which will match the Black Jacket with your Black Denim Jeans. Both will work just fine.Attire%20As%20Alex%20Mercer%20in%20the%20Prototype%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear a formal shirt and Hood: Along with this jacket, wear the Formal shirt, as in the game the original outfit of Alex Mercer is of a Formal shirt inside his jacket, and it can work well with white. As for the Hood you also need to purchase that as the Hood is not made along with the jacket, so instead get yourself a thin Hooded Top or Hoodie / Hoody, not the thick one otherwise you’ll feel suffocated.Attire%20As%20Alex%20Mercer%20in%20the%20Prototype%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get the right jacket. Alex Mercer Has Been Seen Mostly With The Jacket In The Prototype Game That Gave Him A Mysterious Look: This Jacket has been made available at, with the rates that have been made affordable for you, with your order of this piece to reach you on time so that you can style up the very same way as Alex Mercer.Attire%20As%20Alex%20Mercer%20in%20the%20Prototype%20Step%203.jpg
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