How to Dress Like Alex Russo in Season 4

Do you love Alex Russo's style on Wizards of Waverly Place? Do you want to dress like her? Read ahead for ideas on how to adapt Alex Russo's style to your own personal style!



  1. Try wearing a sleeveless vest with a tank top. In the picture to the right, Alex Russo is wearing a striped tank under a vest. Wearing a striped tank (any solid color would work) under a solid colored vest would be good. A long, draped vest would be best.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear patterned tunics. In the Season 4 Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Alex Tells the World", Alex is wearing a taupe-colored, ruffled, patterned tunic that has a purple diamond pattern with a black neckline. Of course, you don't need the exact top, but something similar would be good.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Buy some patterned shirts, tank tops, and blouses. Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%203.jpg
    • In Season 4, Alex loved wearing floral blouses, for example, in the episode "Alex Gives Up", she wears a black blouse with a purple and white floral pattern. In "Journey To The Center Of Mason", Alex wears a short sleeved patterned blouse. The blouse is lavender, dark purple, and red with a wide black belt at the waist with a rose on the right. The hem is dark purple and wavy. The blouse is short so you can see a bit of Alex's white tank top underneath.
    • Another top Alex wears in "Journey To The Center Of Mason" is a grey and white floral tee. The sleeves, neckline, sides and back are light grey while the front of the tee is white with purple and dark blue florals. The bottom is sparkly silver. You could also add a little something extra to your outfit by wearing a patterned short sleeved shirt under a tank top. In "Lucky Charmed", Alex wears an almost see-through v-neck lavender short-sleeved shirt with light yellow oval patterns and a dark blue floral pattern on the neckline. Alex is wearing the shirt over a white solid tank top.
    • Get some patterned tank tops. Another top in "Lucky Charmed" is a white tank top with thin straps, a ruffled neckline, and a red and brown circular pattern.
  4. Buy some shirts with lace features. In "Daddy's Little Girl", Alex wears a dark purple short-sleeved top that has buttons and lace at the front.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Wear some striped shirts. Another top she wears in "Daddy's Little Girl" is a navy and white wide-striped shirt with sleeves that end at the elbow.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Be creative. In another episode, Alex wears a light green skirt as a top! The "top" has a red ruffly band, is light green, and covered in red cartoon ladybugs. She wears it with a black cami underneath.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%206.jpg


  1. Buy skinny jeans. Basically the only pants Alex wears on Wizards are skinny jeans. In "Alex Tells The World", she wears some faded blue destroyed/distressed skinny jeans (in the picture to the right). In "Journey To The Center Of Mason", Alex wears some medium grey skinny jeans. She also wears dark wash cropped skinny jeans and light blue ripped skinny jeans during Season 4.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%207.jpg
  2. Buy some jeggings. In "Alex Tells the World", Alex wears a pair of dark-wash jeggings.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%208.jpg


  1. Buy some boots. In "Alex Tells The World", Alex wears suede, taupe knee-high boots (in picture). Another pair of boots Alex wears in "Alex Tells The World" are dark brown ankle boots with kitten heels. In "Journey To The Center Of Mason", she wears a pair of medium brown, shiny leather knee-high boots with buttons at the top sides of each boot. She has also worn black knee-high leather boots.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%209.jpg
  2. Find some gladiator heels. In the episode "Lucky Charmed", Alex wears chocolate brown, leather, high heeled gladiator sandals. They are open-toed and they have a buckle.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2010.jpg
  3. Get some heels. Alex has also worn black, suede open-toed heels. They cover the top of Alex's foot but not the back and toes; flip-flop style.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2011.jpg


  1. Consider buying a blazer or two. In Season 4, the only jacket/outerwear piece that Alex has worn was a white blazer which she put on over a tank top.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2012.jpg


  1. Consider sleeping in Alex-style pajamas. If you want to take Alex's style to the extreme, this is a good step for you! The pajamas Alex wore in Season 4 were a light yellow v-neck short sleeved tee with the word 'Peace' in black capital letters on the front. The pants are blue and white checkerboard pajama pants.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2013.jpg


  1. Buy some necklaces. In "Alex Tells The World", she wears a red beaded necklace and a brass necklace with white beads at the same time. She's also worn a brass chain necklace. Alex also wears many gold necklaces all at one time. Another necklace she wears is a dark blue beaded necklace, as well as a silver chain necklace.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2014.jpg
  2. Get some bracelets. Alex Russo wears many bracelets in Season 4. In "Alex Tells The World" Alex wears some colorful rubber bands. She also wears a black, shiny, wide stone bracelet. Alex has also worn a vintage-y, wide bracelet that is made of beads. In "Journey To The Center Of Mason", Alex wears a wide string bracelet, that you could make yourself. In "Three Maxes and a Little Lady", Alex has on a wide silver bracelet. In "Daddy's Little Girl", Alex has on a bunch of thin silver bangles.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2015.jpg
  3. Buy a ring or two. Although Alex doesn't wear rings too often, she's worn a gold ring with a big black stone.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2016.jpg
  4. Buy a few pairs of earrings. Alex has worn a pair of round, silver earrings with a vintage look. She also has worn a pair of gold feather earrings.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2017.jpg
  5. Paint your nails. Alex paints her nails very often, using the colors orange, yellow, blue, and pink. She wears black nail polish very often.Dress%20Like%20Alex%20Russo%20in%20Season%204%20Step%2018.jpg



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