How to Dress Like Aly and AJ

Do you wish that you could have that unique, different look that teen pop sensations Aly and AJ have? Do you want to know how to put together amazing looks that make other people say "Wow!" Than follow the steps below, watch and be amazed.


  1. Buy a pair of bold shoes. Aly and AJ have always been one to be bold with their shoes! If you want to follow in Aly's "footsteps" then wear high heels with bold prints, or punk biker boots. Ballet flats can substitute for heels. Have the shoes contrast with the outfit for Aly. Gladiator sandals for the bohemian look would look totally Aly. AJ is less complex. Wear navy blue lace less converse, she has also been spotted sporting some funky bright red cowgirl boots. Wear super neutral heels occasionally.Dress%20Like%20Aly%20and%20AJ%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get some jeans and skirts. Aly sometimes wears really dark wash denim with a big flair at the end, or black skinny jeans. Wear flowy skirts that are long and look earthy. Keep the bottoms neutral. But to add that Aly touch have patches on your denim...or studs on your skirts. AJ wears jeans most of the time. Ones with prints. Try to wear bright green skinny jeans and wear Dickies brand.Dress%20Like%20Aly%20and%20AJ%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Find some cool tops. Aly wears tight graphic T-shirts with waistcoat type vests, flowy tank tops with crazy patterns. Textures and patterns should be contrasted. For AJ wear T-shirts and layer tanks underneath.Dress%20Like%20Aly%20and%20AJ%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Accessorize. Accessories are one of the most important parts. Huge cross necklaces, bracelets up to the fore arm and big belts with everything!Dress%20Like%20Aly%20and%20AJ%20Step%204.jpg



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