How to Dress Like Andy from Devil Wears Prada

In the movie Devil Wars Prada Andy (Anne Hathaway) is a smart but sensible new graduate lands a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine. You gotta admit, her style is cute. But how do you get it?This is not an informed article as I have not seen the movie.


  1. Before you do anything, you need to recognise her style. What kinds of clothes does she wear? What look is she trying to portray? Andy wears cute, cosy, comfortable clothes. She looks girly, but not like 'pink fairy princesses' girly. Andy's look is casual, though it is very different to what we normally see people wearing. Her look really stands out.
  2. If this is only a one-off event, try finding clothes similar to what she wore in the movie. The most identifiable as her would be1. A low-neck white top with beads, or sequins at the top. It helps if you have a long top with a different pattern at the bottom; if not, a short skirt will work fine. On top wear a huge black blazer with distinct details such as the white fur on the collar or the logo.Bottom it with brown super skinny jeans or leather pants.Complete with brown ankle boots.This was one of her more stylish outfits.For a cuter, cosier outfit try this:2. Wear a white shirt with long sleeves that can tuck out under your jumper sleeves. Throw on a wooly blue jumper, not baggy. Wear a skirt that comes to your knees underneath. This whole look is a little vintage so make sure that your clothes aren't too flash. I'm not sure if she wears stocking underneath, but judging by her style here, I assume she would be wearing black opaque stockings.
  3. If you want to completely change your look to suit hers, you need to stock up your wardrobe with things she would most likely wear.

Stand in your wardrobe. Is there anything neon? Remove that. Anything with a lot of glitter? remove that. Anything pink? Remove that. Anything slutty? Remove that. Anything uncomfortable? Remove that. Andy would wear clothes that are comfy. She portrays the shy, bookworm kind of look, so go with that. Buy things a little faded, vintage or old. Try woolly jerseys, jeans and skirts. But just figure out what YOU think she would wear, and go with that. Make sure you want to wear it though, because after all, YOU are the one who will wear the clothes.


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