How to Dress Like Ariana Grande in Her "Break Free" Video

If you are here you want to dress like Ariana Grande in her music video Break Free, or maybe you just stumbled upon this interesting article without even wanting to, but whether or not you even want to be here, this will show you a cheap and easy way to recreate Ariana Grande's costume from Break Free.


  1. You will need a bra (preferably strapless) and silver duct tape. Yes, you did read it right, you need a bra. Cut of the straps (if it doesn't have any then good for you! One step less) and cover it with some silver duct tape
  2. Grab a white skirt and a white girdle. Put the front of the skirt in the girdle to look more like Ariana's, but if you don't like it then just wear the skirt like you normally would.
  3. If you have a silver belt then put it on. It will look more... outta-spacey.
  4. Use some high knee white boots. If you can't find/ walk in them the use some high knee socks and some flat white shoes.
  5. For the hair,  put it in a half up do and curl the ends of you hair.
  6. For the makeup, do a  winged eyeliner, fake eyelashes and some nude lipstick. You can buy stickers in a craft store that look similar to what Ariana had on her face (or you can just draw it with white eyeliner).


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