How to Dress Like BBC's "Sherlock" Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch)

We all love Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation of the iconic Sherlock Holmes, and as a guy or a girl you can model how he dresses.


  1. Find a trench coat. This should be long and have a tall collar that you can turn up. It also should be a dark colour like black and should nearly reach the floor.
  2. Obtain a dark/navy blue scarf with tassels. Tie it like this; take the scarf out long, and fold it in half, then put it round you- finally, out the long end through the looped end and tighten it.
  3. Find some dark trousers and a whiteish shirt. No logos or writing ideally.
  4. Buy a deer stalker hat to give the iconic Sherlock look. (Optional) This is great for Halloween too.


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