How to Dress Like Bella from Twilight

Dress%20Like%20Bella%20Twilight%20Intro.jpgIs Bella Swan your favorite character from the Twilight series? Well, read further if you want to look fascinating and sophisticated like her.


  1. Don't dress too girly. Wear a hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans. Wear some sneakers/converse or antique boots.
  2. Leave your hair natural. Bella rarely does anything fancy with her hair. In the books it is mentioned straight, but in the film, it is slightly wavy. Just brush it and you're done. If you want, wear a headband to keep it out of your face. After showering, let it dry naturally.
  3. Don't wear too much makeup. Wear it naturally. Most likely wear lip balm or gloss instead of lipstick, or very little eyeshadow or mascara. Foundation or concealer just apply a fine amount; not too much though.
  4. Never tan when going out in the sun. Stay in the shade often or wear sunscreen.
  5. Keep it Simple. Wear muted color like browns, blacks,blues, greens,and greys. Jeans are fine. Plaid is something Bella wears a lot. She also is very modest, so don't show too much skin. Layers are also fine. A short sleeved top over a long sleeved is modest and still cute!



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