How to Dress Like Brody Dalle

Spinnerette%20at%20Virgin%20Festival%20'09.jpgWant to look like the princess of punk? Read on!


  1. Wear anything that shows good features of your body. Brody has a kick ass belly, and she knows how to rock it. Sometimes it's not about confidence, so know when not to care.
  2. Represent your local punk bands. Make sure it's only bands you actually like, stay true man.
  3. Sew or customize your own clothes to give your style more of your own personality.
  4. Wear clothes, boy it up. Ripped clothes, especially shirts. They can make it rough & feminine.
  5. Wear unique shoes. Brody wears sneakers and heels.
  6. Wear patterned trousers, you know you love 'em
  7. Wear "heroine' makeup. Dark eyes, browns, messy, tired look. Red lips stick, a deep slightly dark red. Mascara.
  8. Leather jackets and black hoodies are great! Make DIY patches, logos, pins, studs to add on.



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