How to Dress Like Buzz Lightyear

Buzz%20Lightyear,%20I%20Presume%20.jpg Ever wanted to be Buzz Lightyear? The superhero we all grew up with continues to warm our hearts, so why not to your next fancy dress party go as him? It's fun, it's different, and I highly doubt anyone else will go as anyone similar. This is for girls as well.. you can be 'him' too.


  1. Guys and Girls: Make yourself a set of wings. You can do this by cutting out a length of cardboard about the length of your arm and then painting it purple, but don't forget to leave space along the top and sides for red and white stripes across the top and green down the sides. Then fold it in half and attach some straps, these can be anything from two pieces of duct tape taped together or some random pieces of string /ribbon.
  2. Think about your footwear, you can really do whatever you like, for guys I would suggest white trainers and girls some metallic/green/purple heels. If you can afford Silver Ugg Boots then go for them. Moon boots would also be a good alternative. If all else fails buy some cheap ugg-like boots and cover them in tin foil.
  3. You may also want to think about Buzz Lightyear himself, there are many features on his costume such as the gloves, helmet, buttons etc which you may choose to have or not. for glove you could just buy a pair of coloured gloves cheaply in white, purple or green. You could maybe even try to make some yourself, they do not need to be the same as Buzz's, you don't even need them, it might just add to your outfit. You could even make them out of a pair of old long white socks and cut 5 holes in the toe for your fingers. For a helmet you could use an old bike helmet then customize it how you wish. The buttons can just be added onto your costume out of cardboard or felt - its as simple as that.
  4. Now for the costume. There are many different options for the costume, for guys you could wear white trackies and a white t-shirt, then make a cardboard cutout of the chest and back panels. You can do this by measuring your upper chest and shoulders, and the upper part of your back, don't forget to leave a lot of space for the head to fit through. You can add the buttons appropriately, just look up 'Buzz Lightyear' on Google Images. Wearing a purple hat could also add to the look. For girls there are other options: a dress look with tights or they could go for the guy look. For the dress buy a large white t-shirt from a cheap store. Cut off the sleeves. It may help to be handy with a needle and thread, I've seen a wonderful Buzz Lightyear outfit that was fashionable and feasible, consisting of shoulder pads and a body-con dress in the appropriate colours, and sewed together with some extra bits here and there for the full effect. With the large white t-shirt you can choose to fit it to your body shape or just to leave it box-like. You could add cardboard green shoulder pads and buttons. You can then make the body panel like the guy's or just sew onto it for a more fitted outfit. It depends if your going for the fashionable or the structured look. You can then add some tights, in either purple or white, personally I think the purple looks better on this look.
  5. Makeup. For guys you can add the spiral goatee. For girls complete your look add some fluttery eyes with eyeshadows in green and purple. Glitter also looks good in liquid eyeliners and then thick black/ purple mascara. You could even do your nails purple, green or white.


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