How to Dress Like Cameron from Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

We all know Cameron from the movie, 'Terminator' dresses simply, but amazingly. Her leather jackets and mid-length hair are absolutely to die for! Have you ever wanted to dress like her? Well this article is right for you!


  1. If you really want to look like her, mostly wear dark clothing like black or grey.
    • She wears black clothing most of the time but make sure all your blacks fit together! You don't want to wear black skinny jeans with a black, long dress with black slippers, do you?
    • Don't overdo the clothing. Make sure you wear simple clothing like plain leather jackets or skinny jeans.
  2. Wear clothes that  show a little cleavage, but this doesn't mean to dress inappropriately.
    • Only wear clothes that show your chest when you're invited to a halloween party or something. You can get yourself in big trouble!
    • You can wear clothes that show a little bit of your stomach, but make sure you don't when it's the middle of winter!
    • Clothes that show your arms completely are also ideal.
  3. Wear boots!
    • Boots with small heels are ideal! They make you look taller and sexier.
    • Boots that almost reach your knees are ideal as well as Cameron wears those kinds of boots!
  4. If you want to expand the look, wear her makeup and hair!
    • Her hair just reaches past her shoulders. You're lucky if you can trim your hair so that it reaches her hair length. Her hair frames her face and is a dark brown colour with some streaks that are a little lighting in colour.
    • She wears minimal or unnoticeable makeup. Try to minimise your makeup or have none at all if you don't want it!
  5. It isn't necessary to wear her makeup but if you want to anyway, here's her makeup look:
    • She probably wears foundation and concealer but it is not necessary to wear it. If you're paler, you can bronze your face and neck a little bit to make your face a lighter tone. If you're darker, you can apply powder or just don't apply anything.
    • She wears bronzer in specific places, such as the bridge of the nose,  her cheekbones, her forehead and a little close to her nose.Make sure the bronzer isn't very noticeable! Keep it light and simple.
    • She applies very light blush on the apples of her cheeks.
    • She lines her eyes with winged eyeliner and lines just under her waterline/bottom of her eye as well.
    • She curls her lashes and applies mascara.
    • She wears glossy, coral-tinted lipstick/lipgloss.



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