How to Dress Like Cece Jones from Shake It Up

CeCe Jones is the incredibly funky, beautiful, cool dancer and fashionista who, along with her best friend Rocky Blue, dances on a show called "Shake It Up, Chicago!" Her rocker style is so fun, who could blame you for wanting to dress the same?


  1. Next time you're out shopping, try and buy some funky and colorful clothes. Don't be afraid to wear bold patterns and of course, loads of sparkly glitter! If this isn't your style, maybe you shouldn't try to dress like CeCe or just buy a couple of outfits like her.Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Now onto the fun stuff! You totally have to grab yourself some glittery vests, jackets, sweaters, and varsity jackets. CeCe has this one glittery vest that she wears with lots of her crop tops. (You can see it in the episode 'Auction It Up'. She also has some other thin sparkly jackets that she wears (Unzipped of course! Why cover the glamour?) with other fancy shirts. She also wears a white blazer over her crop tops sometimes. White can really pull an outfit together, and CeCe Jones is living proof of it.Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Sometimes CeCe's closet is made of crop tops and shorter shirts! Paired with a bold colored tank top underneath,these shirts are fanta-bulous! If you were shopping for CeCe wardrobe, definitely pick up a good supply of tanks and crops, but that would be too monotonous. You should also buy bold and colorful off the shoulders, synthetic fashionable tops, and other funky styles! However, if you're going to do CeCe, stay away from florals and soft colors. That "would" be going more to the Rocky side. However, I did mention in Step One that you should add your own touch to your outfits, so if florals work, you work it, girlfriend!Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Jeans, jeans, and more jeans! CeCe loves to wears lots of cute jeans. All of them are skinny jeans, and she is definitely not afraid to go bold. Hey, normal is boring. Let's talk regular jeans, first, meaning that they extend to the bottom of your leg. (Buying too many of these pants can get a little expensive, so find sales as often as you can and don't buy too many jeans or anything you won't really wear.) She has a few that are classic blue denim, but also lots of colorful pants! Dark and bold blue, red, white, and even animal patterns! I've found that the store Forever 21 has a beautiful and reasonably priced selection of these, so check them out!Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%204.jpg
    • CeCe sometimes wears short shorts with leggings underneath, or bermudas (shorts that hug your thigh and extend till your knee). Both of these she has in denim, and she has only one of each. Great for your wallet, right? (In the special 'Made in Japan' episode, CeCe wore gold short shorts with black synthetic leggings underneath, FYI). When wearing shorts, it's always a good idea to wear long socks and boots or booties. It's a pretty style that definitely doesn't let your outfit look plain.
  5. Stylish hats, suspenders, big purses. ..all super CeCe, but these are pretty extreme fashions that may not be so suitable for you. Wear what looks good on you, and only use this article as a guideline to develop your own rocker style.Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%205.jpg
  6. CeCe has extremely gorgeous shoes, such as black and brown leather booties with slight heels and sequined sneakers. If you're wearing a CeCe outfit, stay away from cute flats or sandals or anything too girly. Just rock and roll, baby.Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Necklaces that have several layers of chains are really nice, especially the metallic kind. H&M, Claires and Forever 21 have lots of selections. Plus, these don't only go on CeCe outfits; you can find lots of other clothes to pair these pretty necklaces up with, no matter if they're girly, punk, preppy, or rocker. Bangles are great, but not too many. Maybe just one or two at a time, and definitely metallic.Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Stay comfortable when shopping for clothes and try creating your own fun, unique style instead of copying too much! Dress%20Like%20Cece%20Jones%20from%20Shake%20It%20Up%20Step%208.jpg


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