How to Dress Like Christofer Drew Ingle

Christofer Drew Ingle is different, and there's something amazing about his nautical, sketchy, sexy, hippie, bohemian, old, nerd look. If you're a fan of nevershoutnever, eat me while im hot, or just Christofer Drew Ingle in general, read on!


  1. Shop at thrift stores. Christofer Drew shops at thrift stores. That's it. Try to find a thrift store near you and buy a few shirts. Try to stay away from neon, fluorescent, or pastel colors. Any color works that is normal, unless it is girly. Pink is a no. Chris likes old looking things, and you can't be wrong when you buy some cardigans !Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Buy some skinny jeans and shorts. No booty shorts and no basketball shorts. Denim works. Gym shorts or cloth shorts are okay, about mid-thigh length. Chris wears mostly ripped skinny jeans, but they are just ripped at the knees.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%202.jpg
  3. If you're old enough, get some tattoos that stand for 'end'&'beginning', for example a sun and a moon. Check out his tattoos! That's a good choice. Just that. Then, for the adventurous type, get a peace sign tattooed on your left foot. Be careful, though! It's easy for people to mistake a peace sign for a Mercedes symbol. Or get spider bites if your old enough.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Don't wear shoes. If you don't have to wear shoes, then don't. Unless he is in a public place, he is NEVER wearing shoes. However, If you do have to wear shoes, in a music video Christopher was wearing a pair of blue worn-out looking converse.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Stretch your earlobes. Preferably solid black or brown plugs. Keep getting bigger sizes. Chris Drew is up to a gauge.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Buy fun, crazy, wacky accessories. A sailor hat, and any other strange, yet wearable accessories will do. Lots of bracelets on the left arm with a jacket rolled up on that arm so you can see them, a rosary, & possibly a vest. If you have glasses that are about 2 inches (not exactly, but close) wear them, Chris wears his real glasses, but rarely, you only see him wearing them in about 4 pictures.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%206.jpg
  7. To complete the look, straighten your hair and sweep it to the side. Then, add a thin headband.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Your look is complete! Embrace it. Be the look that is.Dress%20Like%20Christofer%20Drew%20Ingle%20Step%208.jpg



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