How to Dress Like Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a huge 90's style icon for many people, even still to this day. Her wardrobe consisted of short babydoll dresses and hair ribbons. Whether you want to look like Courtney or just use her style as a costume, this article will help you achieve the look you are going for.


  1. The first step in order to look like Courtney Love is obviously, her shoulder length bleach blonde hair. A main ingredient in this is to NOT wash your hair ever so often. Keep in mind that her hair was always very stringy and messy. Bleaching your hair takes a lot of commitment, time and money. This part is most definitely optional (Courtney didn't always have blonde hair either). If any of these factors are a problem to you, cutting your hair shoulder length will give you the Courtney look without the hassle. If you are just "dressing up" as Courtney, a platinum blonde medium length wig will do the job. *Tying small colorful ribbons in your hair will give you even more of a clove look*
  2. Wardrobe. Courtney's everyday apparel consisted of a babydoll dress, mary janes and occasionally knee high socks or fish net pantyhose. Her dresses often had Peter Pan collars and/or lace. The main colours for the dresses she wore were black, white and pastel colours such as light pinks and blues. You can easily find dresses like these from websites like etsy for the more vintage/grunge look, without spending a fortune!
  3. Another very important step is make-up. Courtney is well known for her smeared red lipstick, making this part extra relevant. Don't spend too much money on buying your own makeup. A simple, cheap bright red (or even plum coloured) lipstick will do perfectly fine! Go to your local drug store and find the cheapest mascaras and eyeliners that you can possibly find. Go dark on the eye products, smudge your eyeliner, and make your lashes very bold. Eyeshadow is optional, but do not use very heavy dark colours. Stick with neutral-coloured glittery/shimmer shadows with little pigment. (AND SMUDGE!) Foundation and concealers are also optional. If you are to use cover-up and powder make sure it matches your skin tone, nothing darker than your un-touched skin colour.
  4. Last Step: Attitude! If you wanna walk like Courtney, you gotta talk like her too. Speak out, don't be shy or worry what others think of your opinion. Be strong and powerful. Make sure you are heard!
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