How to Dress Like Crown Princess Mary

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson is the wife of crown prince Fredrick of Denmark and she is Denmark's future queen.but now,she is a Danish super-stylish crown princess.if you are interested to dress like her and look like a real princess,follow the article below.


  1. Buy stylish little blouses and complete the look with nude heels and a simple knee-length skirt. princess Mary often uses them during the summer or spring.but remember,they can be used during the day and they aren't suitable for the night events.
  2. Wear natural colors. they make you look like yourself and they don't show that you are trying to be another one.Mary wears simple knee-length dresses with cream nude heels often.these kind of heels are perfect for natural colors in spring,summer and the warmer ones for fall.
  3. Make sure you have beautiful evening gowns and diamond tiaras in your wardrobe for special night events in night like birthdays or wedding ceremonies. well,Mary wears gorgeous different gowns during official events at the palace at night.make sure to complete your look with high-heeled sandals and a formal glittery clutch bag.
  4. Don't forget diamond jewelry and tiara. they help you shine in your gowns.Mary has many of them,but she is a real royalty and you aren't,so that is enough to have two or three tiaras and diamond jewelries.
  5. Have special expensive sunglasses from famous brands like Louise Vuitton or Channel for the sunny holidays you attend. they always become an important part of your style if you complete this look with simple white or cream blouse and knee-length'll look totally like Mary if use three or more colorful bracelets.a pair of flat ballet shoes and a sun hat will help you look like Mary.
  6. Have a suit and pants often in white. you can complete this look by a pair of your favorite heels and a matching clutch bag.Mary has them to use during both day and night.they are good with a totally open hair.
  7. Don't forget hats. they are perfect for a princess in official duties,like services she attends at Cathedrals.Mary recently has hosted TRH the Prince of Wales and Duchess Camilla in a gorgeous cream and brown formal hat and a matching cream coat dress.the hats are often matching coat dresses,so don't forget to have several of them.match them with nude heels and a matching clutch bag.gloves will help you to look more like Princess Mary.
  8. Sometimes use matching coats on your dresses,but don't do it on your gowns. only on it's important to have some coats from your favorite colors and brands.
  9. Don't forget floral dresses. they are important pieces in Mary's style.she often chooses floral natural colored dresses and matches them with nude cream heels.try them!



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