How to Dress Like David Vanian

This article will tell you all about how to dress like Dave Vanian from The Damned. Read on to learn how to achieve his classic Gothic vampire look.


  1. Find dark coloured clothing with lots of frills and lace—think Gothic Victorian. Check out Gothic websites for inspiration.Dress%20Like%20David%20Vanian%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Do your makeup. David wears a white foundation to get a very pale complexion and sometimes he wears a brown/black eye-shadow so it looks like he has dark circles, as if he hasn't slept for a while—centuries, in fact.Dress%20Like%20David%20Vanian%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Fix your hair. David’s hair has a white strip in the front—just like Sweeney Todd's—so it is suggested that you use a strong bleach to dye a inch section or take a photograph to a hair salon and ask them to dye it just like his. To style back comb the front section and push it backwards and brush out the knots this should help you achieve his hair if you are still having trouble look at youtube videos for help. You could also use white shoe polish for a less permanent white streak.Dress%20Like%20David%20Vanian%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Speak intelligently. Dave does not speak that much in interviews but when he speaks he has something very constructive to say, so if you would like to do this only speak when you need to and answer in mysterious quotes/answers this will just add to your mysterious character making people want to know more about you.Dress%20Like%20David%20Vanian%20Step%204.jpg


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