How to Dress Like Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones

On Fox's hit TV show 'Bones,' the protagonist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan portrayed by actress Emily Deschanel, has a great sense of style. Her attire stretches from professional situations to laid back activities. This article will teach you how to get her style!



  1. Try wearing various colors of fitted button down shirts. You can wear them both buttoned up to your chest or open with different solid colored camisoles underneath.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Buy some fitted blazers in different styles. Try things like rugged forest green or brown jackets, or something more professional. A fitted black blazer can be worn in many ways, e.g. buttoned halfway over a tight shirt or open over a printed dress.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Wear some colorful fitted dresses. These look good with a tight waist or clinched with a belt. Get some in different styles, so some with prints and others in solid colors. You can also wear blazers over these dresses.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Go for trench and pea coats. These look especially good belted and if you want to truly imitate Temperance Brennan, tie the belt in a knot. When wearing a collared shirt underneath, layer by bringing the shirts collar over the coat's collar. You can wear the coats buttoned all the way up or not buttoned at all.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%204.jpg


  1. Almost every type of bottom is acceptable except for skirts. Whenever you wear jeans though, make sure to wear a belt with or without a belt buckle.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%205.jpg


  1. Wearing a necklace is a must. Although the costume designer actually designs the necklaces for the show, you can buy chunky necklace almost everywhere. Brennan is said to have collected them in her world travels and often wears jewelry that is made of precious rocks or silver.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%206.jpg
  2. Wear dangling earrings if you have pierced ears. They can either match the necklace or be completely different.Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%207.jpg
  3. Carry a brown canvas sling bag. Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%208.jpg
  4. From hiking shoes to four inch heels, most kinds of shoes are fine as long as they are appropriate with the outfit you are wearing. Dress%20Like%20Dr.%20Temperance%20Brennan%20from%20Bones%20Step%209.jpg


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