How to Dress Like Drake

This is a great article if you're looking to capture the masculine and comfortable style of Aubrey Drake Graham.


  1. Be aware that Drake's style has evolved. In the past he typically wore cardigans, solid colored shirts and hoodies, simple beaded necklaces, and maybe lighter wash jeans. His shoes were always solid colored Keds or an array of Jordans.
    • He has an impressive collection of those- so get a few unique pairs if you can. Now, Drake wears mostly Timberlands, in either the original color or in black. But overall, he has a lot of funky, unique shoes that he'll rotate through, some in bold colors like yellow or red.Dress%20Like%20Drake%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Notice that Drake's current style is more dark. He doesn't wear nearly as many vibrant colors as he has in the past. Now you can typically find Aubrey in black, gray, dark red, navy blue and just more masculine, relaxed colors in general.Dress%20Like%20Drake%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Wear sweats and baggy pants because Drake wears them. . He doesn't rock skinny jeans. His pants are fitted around his hips- as in they don't sag profusely- but they always have a relaxed fit in the crotch/thigh area and downward. If he's wearing denim, it's always dark wash or just black. But lately he opts for black velour bottoms (like in the I'm On One video) or just regular gray sweats.Dress%20Like%20Drake%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Wear plenty of crew neck sweatshirts, t-shirts, and varsity jackets like Drake does. As far as sweat shirts and t-shirts- they sometimes have YMCMB printed on them, or something related to OVO (his crew name and merch), or Canadian pride. His varsity jackets are almost always ATF (All Things Fresh). If he's trying to stay warm, Drake will rock the North Face brand and Nike gloves.Dress%20Like%20Drake%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Find and wear Drake's type jewelry. Drake loves jewelry! One thing that's always been consistent about his style is that he's always worn jewelry.
    • Of course in the past it was more subtle, such as a necklace or two, one of them with Hebrew script on it. Nowadays, he still wears pieces like that, but in addition he always has a classy gold chain (or 2-3) and Rolex.
    • He'll typically wear a ring or two, normally on his pinky finger. He likes to present himself as a "young king" so his accessories are always very classy- flashy, but classy- and they always compliment what he's wearing, so style wisely.
    • Other accessories that he might be seen with are the "Arab" scarves in red or black or gold chain link bracelets.Dress%20Like%20Drake%20Step%205.jpg



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