How to Dress Like Famous Kpop Singers

Ever heard of Super Junior or EXO? Kpop is a rapidly growing unit of Korean pop music that is becoming increasingly popular in the west. However, they are known for their sometimes crazy styles or unnatural get-ups. This article will tell you how to dress like Kpop idols and style yourself to follow their fashion sense.


  1. To Koreans, fashion is identity - it's status. Have trendy outfits - none of this outdated clothing is acceptable. Trend is everything - Kpop idols are seen almost always attending fashion shows to catch up on what's in and what's not. Idols even have "best dressed" awards that they can win.
  2. Recognise that a lot of what Korean fashion is influenced by is Western culture. This therefore means you are not strictly contracted to wearing only Korean clothing. A lot of idols who don't speak one ounce of English tend to regularly wear clothes with tonnes of English written all over them - even if the phrasing of said English doesn't make sense (I once saw one of my favourite idols wear a t-shirt with the word "pervert" engraved on the back, and another who wore a t-shirt that said "SEOUL KEEP YOUTH EXPECT" - I'm sorry, what??)
  3. Understand the beauty standards in Korea. This will help you to create your fashion look. In korea - girls with long legs and thin waists are seen as abundantly beautiful. Knowing this, most idols will wear clothes that will accentuate their waists and make them look more fitting to the standards of beauty. Clothing with thin, horizontal stripes will help with looking thinner, while shorts also give the appearance of longer legs.
  4. Heels! Kpop singers *if you're looking at female idols* tend to wear heels a lot. This gives them the look of being taller, and again, with longer legs.
  5. Kpop singers also tend to wear tight clothing to accentuate their figures. They are known for wearing figure hugging jeans and cute blouses with, again, heels.
  6. It's all about which group or singer you like best. If you like 2NE1 then you would dress in more outrageous clothes. Weird and strange prints, skinny jeans with holes, studs, spikes, high heels, big jewelry etc etc.If you want to dress like After School then you would dress in more fashionable clothes. Dresses, designer heels, named brands.



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