How to Dress Like Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

If you want to dress like the best, and only female witch born into the Weasley line for quite some time, read on.



  1. Ginny has combo of red and brown hair a bit longer than shoulder length. You don't need to dye your hair but if you want to, go to the hairdresser or get someone else to dye it for you. Or, get a wig. If you hair is curly, just straighten it. If your hair is wavy it is still OK. In the books, Ginny has wavy hair.Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%201.jpg
  2. She always keeps her hair simple and neat. Some hairstyles you'll find her in are straight ponytails, down with some strands pinned back to the side with a bobby pin or a simple barrette, or just straight down with a wide headband. On one occasion, however, (Slughorn's Christmas party) she was seen with slightly wavy hair.Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Ginny's hair is always parted on the left hand side when she leaves it down, when she ties her hair back she generally doesn't have a parting. Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%203.jpg


  1. Ginny's wardrobe is also simple but classy. She likes to wear plain colored sweaters or blouses with skinny to regular dark jeans and cute flats. She generally wears knitted tops so you can do one yourself or get your grandmother or mother to knit one for you. In the movies, Ginny is often seen wearing henley tops and fitted cardigans. If you wear long sleeve tops pull the sleeves up - it looks much better.Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%204.jpg
  2. Ginny also likes to wear neutral colours, grey, navy, black, brown,maroon etc. Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%205.jpg
  3. A wand could be something fun to have, so you could buy or make one. A clean, straight twig is also fairly realistic!Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%206.jpg
  4. There is also, of course, her Hogwarts uniform. Refer to this article to make a simple Gryffindor robe.Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%207.jpg
  5. Ginny doesn't usually wear make-up. If you want, though, you can put on some natural colored lipstick.Dress%20Like%20Ginny%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%208.jpg


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