How to Dress Like Haley Scott

Haley Scott has a very down-to-earth style which reflects her girl-next-door charm and friendly disposition. Here's how to get the look for yourself.


  1. Pick earthy colors. Colors like deep greens, muted browns, navy, pale pink, beige, off-white, black, and gray all reflect her nature. Haley often chooses these colors but isn't afraid of adding a pop of color such as a purple or peach.
  2. Keep your clothes classy. Haley's clothes are never too tight. Dresses are always at the knee and tops always cover her chest. When buying clothes, make sure nothing is too sheer, tight, or low-cut. Remember, you want to look classy.
  3. Dress for comfort. Haley chooses pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear. Loose tanks, feminine blouses, breezy tees, day dresses, simple jeans, classic coats, warm sweater dresses, comfortable sweaters, and cozy cardigans are all dominant in her wardrobe.
  4. Never fail to impress when the occasion calls for it. When necessary, Haley is always an expert at looking effortless while being dressed up. The key is simplicity. Simple dresses, flattering heels, and the right jewelry can jazz up your night look instantly.
  5. Keep your accessories simple and classic. Scarves, ballet flats, riding boots, tights, and a simple hobo bag all are great ways to jazz up your look while still retaining Haley's classic style.
  6. A fresh face and simple hair can go a long way. Haley often wears her hair down or in a ponytail and prefers a light touch of makeup. To look put together but still carefree, try a sheer foundation with a neutral eyeshadow. Add a bit of color with a tinted lip balm, and play up the natural texture of your hair with a curl-sculpting cream. When that’s not enough to tame your locks, pull it all back into a messy bun or wavy ponytail with wispy layers framing your face.Finish with a light spritz of perfume.  The light makeup teamed with simple hair and classic clothes with give you the perfect down-to-earth look.
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