How to Dress Like Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is a young actress with style and confidence. She not only is an excellent actress, but she is sweet and quite pretty. If you want to look like Hayden, try some of the following methods. Remember though, try to keep you own style, as your own style is far better than copying another persons.


  1. Get the clothing right by finding outfits that suit your body frame. It's no good getting a shirt that doesn't fit right in the bust. Hayden is often seen wearing many different styles, and it also depends on what roles she's playing. Try to go for a youthful and Preppy style. Racer Back's, and slim line cuts and Polo's with motif's work well. Match a comfortable Racer Back or Polo with a nice pair of jeans or a pair of Track Suit pants. If you're trying to go for the summer look, then try a spaghetti strap shirt in pastel colours with a denim skirt with a few pleats. (Bare in mind that too many pleats will look like a school uniform).Dress%20Like%20Hayden%20Panettiere%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get your feet moving by wearing suitable footwear that match your outfit. It's no use wearing Jogger's or Runner's with a summer skirt. Wear flip flops in the warmer weather, permitting they match your outfit. If wearing jeans, go for a pair of Pumps or Joggers. Wear low cut socks and if your wearing flip flops or sandals, don't wear socks.Dress%20Like%20Hayden%20Panettiere%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Accessorise. Try to wear a simple broach or a pin or belt. Match it with your outfit. Earrings work well if you have pierced ears. If not, that's okay too. They make some really nice clip on earring's these days. If you do have pierced ears, wear a bit of glamor. Large silver or gold loops, or a nice pair of studs. Over-sized sunnies, and rings work well, if worn with the right outfit., Try to get a pair of sunnies that frames your face without looking like fly eyes.Dress%20Like%20Hayden%20Panettiere%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Work the hair. Hayden's hair is fairly curly. Though she often straightens it for a sleek look. Try to go for your natural hair style. If you have curly hair, get a few layers and spruce it up by adding a nice clip or a simple braid. Bring the top half of your hair up into a ponytail and keep the rest curly and free. If you have straight hair or straighten it, go for an all down or all up look. Half up and down doesn't always look good. If you wear it all up, use a nice hair tie. If it's all down, break your hair into parts, so that it lays with it's natural part. If you have or want a fringe, go for a sweeping look. Not a straight front, but a layered look that frames your face.Dress%20Like%20Hayden%20Panettiere%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Be yourself. Don't let Hayden's style be the end all. Be yourself, if you're into sports, try out for a team on your Cheer Squad or Ice Skating Team. Soccer and Fitness are also good sports to do. stay fit and exercise to keep your figure and be healthy. Hayden is quite small, being only 3 about, and her size is proportional to her height. If your tall, don't try to shrink to look like her. And if your shorter, remember that you may still grow.Dress%20Like%20Hayden%20Panettiere%20Step%205.jpg



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