How to Dress Like Hazel Levesque

Hazel Levesque from the well-known Heroes of Olympus series is a very complex character with many deep secrets. However, to dress like Hazel, it only requires a few clothing requirements.


  1. Find a purple shirt, to represent her Roman camp t-shirt. If you want to be realistic, cut out a few holes or scratches to recreate the damage from battles.
  2. Find a pair of simple, casual jeans. Since Hazel was brought back from the dead, she would not have any concept of jewels on her pants or tears in the knees.
  3. Find a pair of sneakers or converse. These shoes are readily available for battle!
  4. Attempt to find a sword or similar weapon to carry. Hazel, since she was a Roman, would use a gold sword instead of a bow and arrow.
  5. Find jewels or gold to carry around. Hazel, as you know, can summon precious metals from under the ground, so she would probably have some on hand. If you want to be super technical, carry around also a partially burnt stick, which was given to her by Frank.


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