How to Dress Like Hector from Ozzy and Drix

Ozzy and Drix was a show based on the 2001 movie Osmosis Jones that ran from 2002-2004. The main character is Hector Cruz, a 13 year old boy who is the body in which the show takes place. Here's how to dress like him.


  1. Wear a pair of light brown capri pants. They should be slightly longer than your knee and they should have one large pocket on the side of each leg.
  2. Slip a red button down shirt over a white V-neck shirt. Make sure both shirts are solid colors. Keep the red shirt open so it exposes a lot of the white shirt.
  3. Wear plain white tennis shoes. When the weather is hot, wear brown sandals.
  4. Color your hair brown if it's not already. Part your hair to the side and use hair gel to make it spiky at the sides.



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