How to Dress Like Hinata Hyuga

DSC02873.jpgHave you ever wanted to dress like Hinata Hyuga? Well you're in luck! Here's how to.


  1. Have lots of dark and light coloured clothing. Make sure to try to keep it balanced.
  2. Get your hair cut like hers. Or at least have a wig like her hair.
  3. Have a bunch of big, unflattering jackets. The preferred colour is tan.
  4. Add a strip of fake fur to the bottom of the jacket.
  5. On each sleeve near the shoulder, make a circle with yellow felt paint and put a water drop design inside each with red felt paint.
  6. If possible, wear a Naruto Headband!
  7. Don't forget to play with your fingers and talk quietly with stutters if you're nervous or scared!
  8. Have fun and try to get people to act as Naruto characters with you!



Things You'll Need

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