How to Dress Like Isabel Culpeper

Here are steps to like Isabel Culpeper at your party........


  1. Isabel is tall. So make yourself little taller by wearing high healed shoes/chappal/sandals.
  2. She has beautiful blue. Use blue lense to look like Isabel.
  3. Her hair is  pale gold in colour. Use a vig [dummy hair] if you do not like to do that use pale gold dye.
  4. Her skin is tanned. Use make of blackish brown shade or black/brown shade from your make up kit.
  5. She is gorgeous and seems little dangerous so use iconic kajal to make your eyes look great.
  6. She has beautiful curls in hair but she had cut it to an edgier style which makes her look dangerous and even more beautiful. Cut your like that or use a vig.
  7. So your are ready for the party.
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