How to Dress Like Jade Puget

How many of you people like Jade Puget's hair? I do! How many of you are huge AFI fans and want to show how much of a fan you are?!!!!


  1. Cut your hair short in the back and on one of the sides; not a buzz cut, just snip it all off. Leave one side medium size. Dye that side blonde. If you have black hair, it will take little time.(black or really dark brown goes with the blonde nicely.)Dress%20Like%20Jade%20Puget%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear lots of black, basically this is the only color he wears. Tight black shirts with bands and a lot of button-up shirts with collars.Dress%20Like%20Jade%20Puget%20Step%202.jpg
  3. For the makeup, just wear eyeliner on the inside of your eye and a really thin line on the outside. And also let your nails grow long (unless you play the guitar, like Jade, in which case your nails should be as short as comfortably possible) and paint them black except for the pinkies which are pink. Don't let the nail polish chip, because his polish is never chipped.Dress%20Like%20Jade%20Puget%20Step%203.jpg


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