How to Dress Like Jade West

Maybe you’re a big fan of Jade West’s style on the television show “Victorious” on YTV. Or maybe you’re more interested in how she mixes darker clothing with cool textures and fabrics and are looking to recreate a few of her unique looks in your wardrobe. With a few key wardrobe pieces and a keen eye for outfits, you’ll be dressing like Jade West in no time.


Creating a Wardrobe

  1. Check out wardrobe boards for Jade West. Look on pinterest, as well as google images, for images of Jade West’s outfits on the show. Her character dresses simply but with a strong sense of style. She favors dark colors over pastels or light colors and balances a goth look with a girly or feminine look.
    • Notice how she combines a dark colored bottom like black jeans or dark blue jeans, with a colored top in green, or in a pattern like plaid.
    • Check out how she accessorizes with long necklaces, a large ring, or a dark belt. Her accessories work well together but are never overdone or too layered.
    • Think about other images or looks you associate with Jade west, such as motorcycles, studs, goth girls, rocker girls, and dyed hair.
  2. Go for dark colors and cool tones. When choosing key pieces for your Jade West wardrobe, look for:
    • A pair of ripped black jeans, or a pair of ripped light colored jeans.
    • Leggings in black, or with a tie dye print.
    • A short black skirt made of tulle, or layered with other fabric to be poofy instead of body hugging.
    • Long sleeve t-shirts in dark green, black, or dark gray.
    • Short sleeve t-shirts decorated with a cross, studs, or motorcycle references.
    • Dark black tights or leggings.
    • Collared plaid shirts in dark red, purple, or green.
  3. Look for flat, combat style boots. Jade West is not girly when it comes to her shoes, at least not in the traditional sense. No pink bows or white ribbons. Instead, she favors sturdy footwear like lace up combat boots or black flat leather boots. Look for footwear like:
    • Doc Martens Women’s 1460 boots. Jade West will wear these in black, but sometimes also in colors like maroon and blue.
    • Studded black boots. Jade West will often wear studded footwear, especially black leather with studs.
    • Simple high black leather boots with a buckle. Jade West will also wear simpler high black leather boots with a small detail like a buckle when she is wearing a graphic top and black jeans.
  4. Choose accessories that are edgy and bold. A key element of Jade West’s look is her accessories. From long necklaces to a big ring, Jade’s look is all about keeping her accessories simple but bold. Look for:
    • A long necklace with a geometric pendant (circles, triangles) or dark stone. Choose one that falls a few inches above your belly button. Or gather together a few necklaces of different sizes and layer them so they fall at different lengths.
    • Get arm bracelets made of leather or chain. Jade tends to wear several bracelets on her wrists to create a layering effect.
    • Look for stud earrings in silver or black.
    • Choose statement rings. Go for large dark stones on a simple band, or several thin silver bands that you can stack on top of each other on one finger.

Putting Outfits Together

  1. Create a casual look with ripped jeans and t-shirts. For a day to day look that is casual but still Jade West, go for jeans and a t-shirt. Focus on a basic bottom with a graphic tee, or print leggings with a simple top.
    • Pair ripped black jeans with a shirt with a simple black and white motorcycle graphic, or a pair of light jeans with a collared plaid shirt and a black tank top.
    • Wear a pair of tie dye leggings in blue or black, with a long black sweater or a gray top. Keep the top baggy if your bottoms are going to be tight.
    • Don’t forget to include footwear like short studded boots or a pair of Doc Martens. Always tuck your jeans into your boots, just like Jade does.
    • Don’t be afraid to add accessories like a long necklace, stud earrings, or even a light scarf in a dark color like purple or green. The key is to keep your pants or top a dark color like blue or black and add in color and texture with your accessories.
  2. Go for a more goth look with tights and a skirt. Jade West is not afraid to wear a girly skirt, but she often pairs a short skirt with dark tights. She’ll then wear a long sleeved top in a dark color like green or purple.
    • Another look of Jade’s that you can try is wearing a skirt over a pair of tight black pants, with a long sweater in a dark color.
    • You can also wear a long black dress and wear a short dark sweater on top of the dress. Or a leather jacket.
  3. Accessorize with hair color and make up. Jade West is known for the colorful streaks in her dark hair, as well as her simple but dark make up.
    • If you’re feeling ambitious, dye sections of your hair dark purple, green, or blue to create streaks. Focus on framing the sides of your face with color, similar to Jade’s look.
    • If you aren’t looking for a permanent dyed look, use clip on hair streaks to recreate Jade’s hair. Then, do big curls to recreate Jade’s look.
    • Jade’s make up favors a mix of darker shades and tones with a neutral palate. Light pink lipstick, thick black mascara, and penciled in eyebrows are all part of her make up look. She also keeps her eye make up pretty simple, with dark mascara or a small amount of eyeliner.
    • You could also paint your nails black or dark purple to really finish off your Jade West look.


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