How to Dress Like James Dean (Girls)

You've seen the article about dressing like James Dean, but how do you emulate his style as a girl?


  1. Be prepared that you will have to dress in the same type of outfit most of the time. If this is not you, consider whether this is really the style you want. There will also be suggestions to change it up a little for each step.
  2. Get many pairs of dark-wash denim jeans. You will wear these ALL THE TIME. If you are fine wearing the same thing every day, get a bunch of boot-cut dark-wash denim jeans. If you want to change it up, try a slightly lighter wash, or straight leg jeans. Don't get flare or skinny. Get at least 4 pairs.
  3. Add a white t-shirt. You will need at least 5 of these. If you want to change it up, try a V-neck, boat neck, or scoop neck instead of crew-neck.
  4. If it's winter, add a leather jacket on top. Try different shades of black or brown leather.
  5. For shoes, go with high-heeled black boots for winter, no matter the season, and for casual, wear Converse or similar sneakers, in colors that aren't too bright.
  6. You should have a short hairstyle. A wavy pompadour is perfect, or get a shaggy short hairstyle. For makeup, go very natural, only if you need some to look your best. (Foundation, concealer, mascara, lip balm, and the like.)


Things You'll Need

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