How to Dress Like Jane Quimby

Do you love the style of Jane Quimby from Jane by design? Have you ever wondered how to dress like her? Well if you have, this article is to help you dress and look like her!


  1. Hair and Makeup. Jane has really dark brown hair that's a bit longer than shoulder length. She always has it very curly with a lot of volume. Try to grow out your hair really long (it'll appear shorter when you curl it) and wear curlers at night to help keep your hair curly. Jane usually has her eye and face makeup in a more natural look so try to go for a more natural look with the makeup you love. Her lips are always some sort of berry type of colour ad glossy so look for rosy, bright pinks and reds. But when she goes to work, her makeup is much bolder: brighter and darker red or pink lips, false eyelashes, dark eyeliner and blush.
  2. Clothes. Jane is VERY bold when it comes to her fashion choices so, when making outfit decisions, don't be afraid to be a bit crazy. She likes to have her clothing somewhat matching but not in an annoying way. For example, Jane would wear a black and white striped skirt with a black cardigan over top a blue patterned top. So try to wear a lot of patterns and bold colours and keep up with all the latest fashion trends.
  3. Accessories. One thing that is a Jane must is BELTS! Jane has and endless supply of belts in every size, shape and colour. Get every belt you like and make sure you get belts with many different looks. Jane also has a lot of necklaces and earrings so try to go for every earring and necklace in every shape and size that you can.
  4. Shoes. In Janes outfits, either her shoes are black with a suede-ish look to them or the are very colourful and bold. They are usually heels but in one episode she wears these red converse. Go for vibrant heels that people wouldn't wear in a million years! Be crazy, and bold with your shoes!!



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