How to Dress Like Jill Valentine

by pharyn roller wanna becoming a video game girly characters in real life


becoming a Jill Valentine (resident evil 1)

  1. Cut your hair short and dye it brown.
  2. Buy and wear blue contacts.
  3. Buy or make a costume.
  4. Top off outfit with biker gloves and boots.
  5. Flaunt it!

jill valentine (resident evil 3)

  1. Wear brown boots.
  2. Buy or make a weapon pro.

jill valentine (re:revolution)

  1. Buy a long blue wetsuit.
  2. Buy black high heeled boots.
  3. Wear your hair in a long ponytail.

jill valentine (b.s.a.a team)

  1. Wear a blue shirt and long white jeans.
  2. Wear white winter boots.
  3. Wear a blue hat.

jill valentine (battlesuit)

  1. Obtain a purple catsuit.
  2. Get some long purple gloves.
  3. Buy purple high heeled boots.
  4. Dye your hair blonde and wear it in a long ponytail.


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