How to Dress Like Jim Jones

Jim Jones was the leader of the cult known as the People's Temple. He is infamous for organizing and conducting a mass suicide at Jonestown in Northwestern Guyana. Though his moral and political stance was troublesome, he showed off his cool side by always dressing like a superstar.


  1. Buy some vintage clothes!  Hit up your local used clothing shop or hand picked vintage shop and get yourself a two piece suit. Preferably of the 70s era and with long collars, those were very in at the time. Also, pick up a pair of dark shades, Aviator style is best.
  2. Comb your hair over.  Jim Jones had his hair combed over.
  3. Walk proudly!  There is no sense in dressing up like Jim Jones if you aren't going to act like him. He was very charistmatic and cool, so try to be too!



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