How to Dress Like Jughead in Archie Comics

Want to dress like Archie's best bud, Jughead Jones? No problem! Just follow these steps.


  1. Make a crown. It has a red dot and white line—you can knit yourself one, or ask someone who knows how to knit, or you could just make one out of cardboardDress%20Like%20Jughead%20in%20Archie%20Comics%20Step%201.jpg
    • If you're a girl doing this, you can tie a tall bun in the crown.
  2. Copy his casual style. Let's say a turtleneck with a "S" and jeans, with a red or black converse shoe (low).Dress%20Like%20Jughead%20in%20Archie%20Comics%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Learn his accent. His accent is quite squeaky. Look for some Archie's weird mysteries and listen closely to Jughead: You can pick up his accent in no time!Dress%20Like%20Jughead%20in%20Archie%20Comics%20Step%203.jpg


If anybody plays a prank on you, do that the same to them without them knowing, Jughead can be sneaky at times


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