How to Dress Like Katherine Peirce

Do you love Katherine's look from the Vampire Diaries? This article will show you how get her look.


  1. Wear clothes that are dressy, but simple. Katherine has a dressy but simple look that consist of a tight black shirt with a big belt. She also wears a tie, a purple tank top with a nice blazer, and black leggings with boots or heels. You could also wear her 1864 look which consist of a corset and an old nice looking dress. You can find dresses like that in antique stores.Dress%20Like%20Katherine%20Peirce%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get soft waves for hair. Katherine has soft waves in her hair. Try banana curling your hair, then brush it out a little. Put some hair spray in to help give it body.Dress%20Like%20Katherine%20Peirce%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Go natural with the makeup. Katherine wears natural make-up. Try some light brown eye shadow on the lid of your eyelash. Put black mascara on with a little bit of eyeliner. Apply peach colored blush and some light pink lip gloss.Dress%20Like%20Katherine%20Peirce%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Stay fit and have good dental hygiene. This is optional, but it really gives you the Katherine Peirce look.Dress%20Like%20Katherine%20Peirce%20Step%204.jpg



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