How to Dress Like Kim Crawford (Kickin' It)

Have you been watching Disney XD's Kickin' It and you're inspired by the style of the character Kim Crawford (played by Olivia Holt)? Well, you've come the the right place! Here's a guide to show you how to dress like her.


  1. Watch at least 5 episode of Kickin' It. This can help you get an idea of how Kim dresses. If you can't find any uploader, try KickinItEpisodesHQ. Or you could just read the list below.Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Crawford%20(Kickin'%20It)%20Step%201.jpg
    • Kim's style is sometimes called "layered girly". It means she likes to layer things. The most common things she layers are one tank top over another one. The bottom layer is normally plain colored but the top layer is typically has fake diamonds or beads on it.
      • In the winter she frequently wears a tank top under a sweater or a pullover. (Make sure the bottom of the tank top sticks out). She also wore a knitted jacket over a t- shirt in one episode.
    • For the bottoms, she normally wears jeans. Kim is seen wearing mostly skinny jeans in all seasons, but sometimes wears shorts. Her jeans have patterns like tie- dye, tribal or flowers on them. She also wears bright colors, like neon yellow, pink, or green. Her shorts are typically a solid color. Kim occasionally wears skirts with or without leggings.
    • For shoes, Kim normally wears combat boots or just boots. They sometimes have socks sticking out from the top which makes it very cute. She also wears sandals with neon or colorful straps.
    • Accessories. Kim wears necklaces, bracelets, rubber bands, rings, earrings, and basically any kind of accessory. They add "bling" to her outfits. Her accessories often have fake diamonds or patterns on them.
    • Makeup. Kim doesn't wear much makeup. Just some lip gloss and a little foundation.
  2. Look through your closet and see what you have that goes with her style. There is no need to go buy all new clothes.Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Crawford%20(Kickin'%20It)%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Go to the mall and buy one or two items that you would like but don't have. Don't buy a ton, because the goal is not to look like her twin sister, it is to be inspired by her style.Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Crawford%20(Kickin'%20It)%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Start wearing the clothes you found and purchased. Don't stick to it religiously, but use a little bit of effort. Like tape, instead of super glue.Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Crawford%20(Kickin'%20It)%20Step%204.jpg


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