How to Dress Like Kim Possible

Kim Possible, with her new season soon to come on Disney Channel, is bound to be popular once again! Dress like the hippest super-girl who's on the verge of putting Charlie's Angel's style to shame!


  1. Make sure your hair has loads of volume, you could dye your hair the same colour as hers but if you don't want to you could get the same parting and grow your hair long. Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%201%20Version%202.jpg
  2. Wear khaki cargo pants, preferably with large pockets. Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%202%20Version%202.jpg
  3. For the top, choose a black long sleeve shirt with bottom half of the shirt cut off. Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%203%20Version%202.jpg
  4. Go with black sneakers. Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%204%20Version%202.jpg
  5. For accessories, think big brown belt, black gloves, and a brown mini-book bag. Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%205%20Version%202.jpg
  6. Wear watches a lot. Don't get big, studded and glittery silver watches but random watches that are helpful and also good-looking.Dress%20Like%20Kim%20Possible%20Step%206%20Version%202.jpg


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