How to Dress Like Kristen in the Clique Books

Kristen Gregory is a member of the infamous Pretty Committee at Octavian County Day School. She is higher middle class, but still f-a-b.


  1. <b> Get Her Look</b>: To look like Kristen, you must be ready to sacrifice these things: Your hair color, your eye color, your figure, and your complexion. Even if you do or don't sacrifice these things, you hair must be <b> long, shiny, healthy, blonde (optional) and fab!</b> If your hair isn't long, get <i> real</i> 100% extensions, and have them cut by a stylist, just so you don't get that tacky thinning out as it gets a longer look. You should have swooping layered side bangs, and your hair should be styled to a T everyday. A T means a straight part down the top of your head and have all your hair fanned out on your shoulders. Ponytails, braided piggy tails, and Ponyannas would be your best friend for physical activity, or any sport activate. Your skin must be soft, smooth, yet firm, and clear. You have to be fit, and toned.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b>Hair</b>: Dark blonde hair(also known as dirty blonde), down to her to her elbows, some say to her waist, either way, Get dirty blonde hair, preferably to your shoulders. Kristen's hair is healthy, strong, and always well conditioned, even if she does lots of sports that makes her sweaty. They also frame her face, is long, and shines under the sun. Her favorite hairstyle is usually a tight, high ponytail because of daily soccer practices, but she also likes to get braids too, or just let them down loose and pin-straight. Make sure (if you already have long hair) that you have no split ends, and that the cut is NOT blunt. Try a ' U ' shape cut so that when your hair is fanned out on your back, it makes a shiny, and healthy looking round shape. It also does a great job of hiding split ends. Typical TPC styles would be straight down, side parted, curled, casual, but perfected updos, and stylish Pollyannas. You don't have to have blonde hair! Just make sure it looks great and feels great!Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet1%20Version%202.jpg
    • Brunettes: Your hair is ( usually ) brunette because it complements your skin. Brunettes tend ( not always, but tend ) to have lighter, more fair or olive skin toned than natural blondes ( or at least women who have yellow blonde ) have a slightly darker or tan complexion. If you go blonde, <b>touch up your roots!</b> It doesn't matter if you think it looks ok, it doesn't. If you aren't willing to commit to keeping your hair up, you aren't going be Kristen Gregory <i>any</i> time soon. There is a way you can lighten your hair, with the careful use of professional highlights and low lights, so look into that. Also, there are some products that you put in, and wash out, and you'll get a sunnier hue. Try looking into an auburn dye with blonde low lights, too, its more of a "red" shade, but it is a perfect medium of blonde and brunette.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet2%20Version%202.jpg
    • Red Heads: The decision to go blonde is a hard one, and I suggest you DON'T make the decision to. ( Natural ) Red hair is as uncommon as blonde, and there is a chance that your hair would turn an ugly brassy color. So, please, lighten your hair, if you want, or ( again ) go auburn, or just leave it- it's okay to be a red head, your gorgeous!Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet3%20Version%202.jpg
    • Raven Haired: Blonde dye is your friend. I have a feeling that a Kristen with black hair and blue eyes is gorgeous. You don't have to have your hair blonde, just a light shade of any color.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet4%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Eyes:</b> Kristen had narrow aqua blue eyes, or sometimes green or sapphire blue, if you want go to your eye doctor and get colored contacts. Blue eyes look good on people with fair to olive skin tones. African Americans with complexions of light to med. dark would look good with brown eyes, light brown, or sometimes green (look at Rihanna!). Some cultures (like Kikuyu's) that have darker skin tones have naturally light eyes, such as blue or hazel. Your eye color is <b>fine</b> the way it is, but changing it will add to the Kristen persona.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet5%20Version%202.jpg
    • Complexion: You can be fair, light, olive dark, whatever. If you like sun, fake tan, please. looking a little sunkissed and dewy would be preferable. Kristen is pale(i wonder why, 'cause she spends lots of time outdoors) so you should probably dab on whitening serum on your skin. She also has smooth, firm clear skin with a flawless, zit-free T-zone, and she doesn't like junk food.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%201Bullet6.jpg
  2. Now for <b>Clothing! </b> Kristen, as we all know, is poor, but not poverty stricken. She is more high-middle class. Shops she could at <b> Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Anthropologie, Juicy Couture, Macy's, Forever 21, Aeropostale, American Eagle and Sports Authority( for sports wear). Never, in a million years, get something from Abercrombie with ' A.Fitch' all over it! Kristen maintains her ' rich ' look just as well as the rest of the Pretty Committee, so please, no labels all over your shirt. Some staples you need are... She usually wears sporty-chic clothes like colorful Puma jackets and matching short shorts, but she also has a girly style too, so make sure to buy sports clothes but to also buy girl-like clothes like Juicy patterned tees or Splendid miniskirts. her favorite brand is Juicy and Puma.
    • Tops: Tanks (preferably solid, in colors that complement your fab sunkissed skin, and hair), scoop necks (long sleeve and short sleeve), off the shoulder tops, tees. There are a LOT of things here.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet1%20Version%202.jpg
    • Skirts: Mini (3, dark denim, light denim, distressed), pencil skirts (2, black and pinstripe?), Tea skirts (pleated/solid/plaid, patterned). Try other styles, like pleated or knee length. Also, try to pull together a sexy school girl look like a plaid pencil skirt a white blouse with a white bra and a matching plaid tie. Shorten the skirt just to keep it long enough to cover everything up but short enough to keep it entertaining.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet2%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Outer wear</b>: Bomber Jacket (with fur, or faux fur around the hood), Pea Coat (in Black, White, or Tan. DELIA's makes wonderful pea coats), Swing Trench coat (again, DELIA*s), and maybe fur lined hoodies.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet3%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b>Warm wear</b>: Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans! Sweaters, thermals, designer scarves ( those scarves that bunch up around your neck are tacky! ), and lined hoodies (sometimes acceptable)Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet4%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b>Pajamas</b>: Lacy boy shorts and tanks, slips, nightgowns (never longer than knee length, and hopefully a little playful), camis/tanks (tight) fluffy robes. Kristen is a bit sporty, so if you wear pajama bottoms, try to get those sweatpants that are cinched, with words across the butt, or loose bottoms, that are solid or follow the theme of the F.N.S. She also owns lots of Juicy pajamas, like blue-and-white cotton striped pajamas or sheer pink flannel Victoria Secrets pajamas.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet5%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Shoes</b>: Heels [Kitten heels, Wedged, mules, spike or stiletto], Sneakers [( duh! )Puma, Nike. canvas, cleats.] <b> Never get Champion shoes, unless you NEED them for a sport.</b> Flats are good too, but only on dressy days! Kristen loves sneakers and mostly wear them, but sometimes she also wears flats and kitten heels since she's got style.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%202Bullet6%20Version%202.jpg
  3. <b>Accessories! </b> Try to get things like hobos in black, silver and white, and classy jewelery like tangled chain necklaces, a strand of pearls, a tennis bracelet.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%203%20Version%202.jpg
    • Objects Kristen may have
    • Cell Phone [MotoRAZR, MotoKRAZR, a Juke, BlackBerry, LG Chocolate, LG Dare, LG Shine, iPhone, Samsung Haptic or Treo]
    • Laptop, or CPU [ Windows PC, Dell Laptop, maybe, if you want, a Mac ]
    • Portable Music [iPod, Zune, CreativeZEN, Philips, iRiver]
    • Trophies for[ Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball etc]. If you're not a fabulous athlete like Kristen, that's cool, too.
  4. Kristen's <b>make-up</b> is very simple- some cover up ( if needed ), lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara,and occasionally eye-shadow but if mom doesn't allow it keep it in your locker(Blues, greens, pinks and lavenders are best) DONE. She can't afford many brands, so try other stores like Target. They have a great brand called Set, and it is wonderful. Sally's Beauty has a good mineral brand, and it's kind of cheap! Look around! She wears almost no makeup or natural clear makeup, but for her, sunscreen is a MUST for her to not get tanned when shes outdoors playing soccer!Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%204%20Version%202.jpg
  5. <b> Social Life</b>: Kristen is a part of the most popular clique at school, The Pretty Committee. You don't have to be popular, but it helps if you are. If your going to a new school, or have no friends, try to find a ' TPC' like group to wedge yourself in, or get a group like that together. She is part of the most popular clique in her school, but not like, the top Queen Bee like Massie, so just try to be part of the popular crowd but don't overtake it.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%205%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> A leader</b> She should be dominant, super confident, highly fashionable with head-to-toe in designer clothing ONLY, and powerful, but not a complete control freak(like Massie is). She should be pretty though, and have ' Massie ' qualities; Shoulder length, shiny dark chestnut brown hair(which grows out long later), glowing amber ( or light ) flickering eyes, rich fair skin, laser whitened smile, and skinny(from yoga and Pilates). Try to go out on a trip with her, and guide her to Massie-esque clothes. She should be good at something ( lots of points if Horseback riding ), and it should be all her own. If you want, get her a Tiffany & Co. gold charm bracelet, and get her charms for it, like a high heeled-shoe, crystal-studded crown, a pug, etc. Also, recommend the Clique books, if she hasn't read them. She also has really witty yet sharp comebacks, so study that.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%205Bullet1%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> A Beta</b> Sorry, hun, this isn't you. You are Kristen, the Gamma, or even Delta. This girl should be the watered down version of the Alpha, but be slightly prettier. She should have some ' Alicia ' qualities- Tan, perhaps ethnic(half Spanish), huge boobs(C cups), skinny, slightly toned(from her dancing), perfectly straight white teeth, red full lips, thick, super glossy, long raven hair ( black or dark brown ), rich, and the queen of gossip. It would help if she liked the spotlight, or likes to share gossip. Get her into blogging about your daily school news, or secrets ( kind of like Gossip Girl ).Make sure, or guide her to one brand she loves, so she'll stay loyal to it, and trademark it as her own. Her favorite brand is Ralph Lauren and she likes classy, high-brand, preppy, clothes that are crisp and tailored. She also is obsessed with dancing and is really good at it, so teach her dancing too.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%205Bullet2%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> A Delta</b> This could be you, it's the Kristen position of the clique.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%205Bullet3%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> A Gamma</b>: She is the ' Dylan'. She should have some of her qualities, like- Normal or Average body, long, ultra-thick soft fiery-red curls, sharp emerald green cat's eyes, funny, isn't afraid to be herself, truthful, and catty. It would help if she knew some one famous, or is aspiring to be some sort of socialite. Dylan's style is hard to define, so guide her wherever. She wears lots of black to make her look skinny(though she's actually average-weight) but loves to wear exotic colorful boho fashion too. Her mom is a celebrity host from the very famous morning talk show The Daily Grind, so make sure she has a famous celeb mom too.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%205Bullet4%20Version%202.jpg
  6. Kristen is identifiable when she uses the PC <b>vocab</b>. Try to use these words in moderation, please.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> TFFW</b>: Too Funny For WordsDress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet1%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> H2G</b>: Hard to GetDress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet2%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> LBR</b>: Loser Beyond RepairDress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet3%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Heart</b>: Love, (I heart you!, I heart it!)Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet4%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Whatevs</b>: WhateverDress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet5%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Point! (draws one, or holds up one finger</b>: Duh, That's the point!Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet6%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Given!</b>: Of course! Duh! Could be used when asked an obvious question with an obvious answer.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet7%20Version%202.jpg
    • <b> Use Jumbles!</b>, Kanhts a Tol (Thanks a Lot), Rewhatev (Whatever), On Yaw! (No Way!), Rorsy (Sorry), Hud! (Duh!). Make up some other jumbles, and love crossword puzzles or word jumbles.Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%206Bullet8%20Version%202.jpg
  7. HAVE FUN! Dress%20Like%20Kristen%20in%20the%20Clique%20Books%20Step%207%20Version%202.jpg



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