How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, sister to Kendall Jenner (and half-sister to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe & Rob Kardashian) is a killer role model when it comes to fashion and confidence. Her unique style is highly sought-after - at just 16, she has released a clothing collection with her sister and appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. With this guide, you'll be able to make Kylie's bold fashion choices fit into your own wardrobe!


Rocking Kylie's Style

  1. Keep it classy with black and white. Whether you're looking at a shady paparazzi pics or a pro red-carpet photos, it's hard to find shots of Kylie where she's not wearing black, white, or both! Black and white go with almost any color and never go out of style. What's not to like? Keep a selection of black and white pieces in your wardrobe and use them generously in your outfits for a classy, timeless look.Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear loose, flowing tops. Kylie usually chooses loose-fitting (and sometimes low-cut) shirts like might be found at American Apparel. Occasionally, Kylie opts for a bare midriff or a tucked-in look paired with high-waisted shorts. In terms of tops, Kylie's taste is all across the board. She's known to casually wear oversized hoodies and retro boyfriend-style tees, but when the occasion calls for it, she's just as comfortable in a stunning blazer or a multi-colored blouse.Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%202.jpg
    • Add some variety to your tops. Even though Kylie's known for wearing her signature loose-cut tops, she's been seen wearing halter-top ensembles and tight, sleeveless tees. Keep a few outfits that don't fit your typical style to add spice to your wardrobe.
    • Kylie has expressed a love for overalls. She's been spotted wearing them out and about paired with a tighter-fitting undershirt and she's even designed a denim pair for her fashion line.
  3. Cut your shorts and skirts short. Kylie wears her shorts and skirts high-waisted and well above the knee. She's been known to sport this summertime look even well into the fall months. Pair some cutoff shorts with a low-cut top and some boots for a flirty cowgirl look that's totally Kylie!Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%203.jpg
    • Don't be afraid to show off your legs, but keep things reasonable! Too short, and your shorts will start to look like underwear!
    • Kylie rocks distressed denim as her preferred short fabric.
    • Kylie sometimes pairs an uber-short pair of shorts with an extra-long t-shirt. Sometimes, this can give a "pajamas" look. If you're bold (or just want to pretend you're sleepwalking), go for it!
  4. Go for tight leggings or pants. Kylie generally wears her pants tight all the way through the calf. This is a bold choice in any outfit, but it's also surprisingly versatile! Depending on your other fashion choices, this style of pants can fit nicely into anything from a "club-ready" to a "job interview" type outfit.Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%204.jpg
    • For instance, when Kylie and her sister appeared on "The View,"
  5. Explore a variety of options for dresses. Kylie has been know to wear form-fitting, classic dresses With her sister, she's even modeled puffy, flowery dresses, rhinestone-studded gowns, and flowing, Cleopatra-inspired numbers. Go crazy with your dress choices!Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%205.jpg
    • Experiment! Kylie's taste in dresses is diverse - the only common variable is that it's always changing.
  6. Rock a mean pair of kicks. The Jenner sisters have been known to wear a wide variety of shoes depending on the occasion. On the red carpet, Kylie usually wears pumps or even platform heels for an elegant look (and an extra inch or two!) On the street or hanging with her friends, Kylie wears stylish sandals, boots (cowboy-style or high-quality leather), or skater-inspired sneakers (Vans, Converse, etc.)Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%206.jpg
    • When dressing for fancy occasions, Kylie sometimes pairs abstract, out-there heels with an outfit that's otherwise very low-key. The effect is striking, but unless you're already a celebrity, it might not make sense to invest in experimental, high-fashion footwear you'll only wear once.
    • Kylie's casual shoes come in a variety of patterns and styles - everything from leopard-print low-tops to understated black skater sneakers. Keep it fun and functional - no matter how cool a shoe looks, it's no good if you can't walk in it.

Taking Your Style to the Next Level

  1. Accessorize! Your style choices don't have to end with the clothes you wear. Consider your purse, earrings, jewelry, bracelets, and more when putting your outfit together. This is a great chance to be creative - if you're going for the classic Kylie black-and-white look, almost any color of accessory will go with your outfit.Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%207.jpg
    • The Jenner sisters especially like oversize black leather purses and handbags. However, at red carpet events, they've been known to bring along small, swanky pocketbooks that match the color of their dress.
  2. Make yourself up! Good makeup can be the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. It's rare to see either of the Jenner sisters overly-made-up, so keep the mantra "less is more" in mind when applying your own makeup. Kylie likes to go for a minimally-made up with light highlights around the eyes and some shiny lipgloss. Occasionally, she'll go bold with some bright red or crimson lipstick - if you want to go for the 1940's pinup look, go for it!Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%208.jpg
    • When in doubt, skimp on the makeup when applying it and bring it with you - you can always put more on later!
  3. Draw inspiration from Kylie's muses. Not surprisingly, Kylie and Kendall's biggest fashion role-models are their sisters! Kourtney, Kim & Khloe are international fashion icons in their own right - watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or any of its spin offs for plenty of fashion ideas from the Jenner and Kardashian sisters!Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%209.jpg
    • Warning - "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" began airing in 2007. Fashion trends have changed substantially since then - in the sisters' own words, fashion choices in the early episodes were not always good ones. "Kylie would wear zebra-print leggings with bright blue shorts and a bright blue colored shirt and Converse that went up to [her knees]," says Kendall of Kylie's early wardrobe.
  4. Add your own flavor. Kylie and Kendall may be fashion icons at 16 and 17 respectively, but that doesn't mean their sense of style should overrule your own fashion instincts. For a truly unforgettable look, inject your own creativity into your outfits. Experiment with clothing and accessories that the sisters wouldn't wear. Remember to be yourself! It's fun to imitate the looks of our favorite fashionistas, but it's also important to cultivate our own identities. Use common sense and don't take fashion too seriously - a girl is much, much more important than her clothes!Dress%20Like%20Kylie%20Jenner%20Step%2010.jpg


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