How to Dress Like Lady Gaga for Halloween

Lady%20Gaga%20inspired%20Halloween%20costume%202008.jpgLady Gaga is a great Halloween costume, but it's easy to see why it could be hard. Here's some ideas on how to get started.


  1. Use dark blue liquid eye-liner to make a lightning-bolt tattoo on the right side of your face. Start with a triangle above your eyebrow an then continue right at the bottom of your eye.
    • Apply a lot of black eyeliner, but not so much that you look like a raccoon.
    • Put on a significant amount of silver eye shadow make sure to use a lighter color on top and blend it gives a better gaga effect.
  2. Get a long, straight, platinum blonde wig.
    • Put the bangs flat across your forehead.
    • Take two lengthy pieces from the crown of the wig and make them oval-shaped loops. Pin down with bobby pins.
    • Take a piece of hair from the back of the wig and roll it in a roller. Pin down when it reached the point in between the loops. You should not see the roller.
    • Use mousse to make the loops of the bow stay up.
  3. The outfit is the hardest part. It may be easiest to wear a black leotard or a white dress with one strap. Most of Lady Gaga costumes/outfits are very crazy and unrealistic for the real world, that's why it is suggested that you go with a Lady Gaga costume when she first came out, from her just dance video, a lose blouse that goes below your waist and bright tights that can be found at any accessories store, a black fedora, she doesn't wear it much but at one point it was a signature look.
  4. Black chunky heels work great. You could also get away with wearing crazy hightops in bright colours are also very Gaga.


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