How to Dress Like Lexi Lush

Lexi Lush, self-proclaimed 'Hello Kitty Queen', is very well-known for her unique and eye-popping fashion sense. Always wanted to look like Lexi? Look no further!


  1. Miss Lush's clothing style is difficult to pinpoint, since she doesn't confirm to traditional fashion norms or stereotypes. Think scene! Incorporate neon colors, bold patterns, and don't be afraid to make things clash. Don't feel confined to just jeans and shirts, either. If you're particularly girly, you could even try a tutu!
  2. Lexi's hair is long and teased with a side bang, and most often dyed a combination of pink, blue, and purple. Feel free to ignore this step--It's not as if you want to look exactly like her!
  3. Makeup is another iconic facet of Lexi's style. She usually wears lots of eyeshadow in pink and/or blue, much like her hair. Alternatively, you could go for a darker look with lots of eyeliner and black shadow. Consistencies in her look include lots of mascara, liberal amounts of pink blush, and cherry-blossom pink lips. She also usually has her nails painted, usually in a bright color that matches her outfit.
  4. A scene queen is anything but without her accessories! Lexi likes chunky bracelets with childlike beads and motifs, and usually wears many at the same time. She also usually has a large, brightly-colored bow in her hair. Don't forget that Lexi, like most scenesters, LOVES Hello Kitty, and so the little cat would be a great choice for extra flair.
  5. Recall that Lexi's style is all about uniqueness. Don't directly copy her, as that in and of itself would be going against her style, if that makes any sense.
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