How to Dress Like Lil Wayne

The American rap legend Lil Wayne has a unique style. Here are some tips on how to imitate his outfit.


  1. Wear a hat like Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne always wears a flat front cap. These hats are relatively inexpensive from many sportswear and hat companies, such as Sports Direct.
  2. Imitate his shirt wear. Lil Wayne often wears graphic t-shirts with pictures or words on them, though he sometimes just wears plain, simple t-shirts. They are often short-sleeved or tank tops.
  3. Consider your pants. Lil Wayne almost always wears skinny jeans; any color will do, though he normally wears navy.
  4. Work on your sagging abilities. Lil Wayne always sags: this means wearing your pants below your waist, exposing your boxers. He sags especially low with his trousers on his thighs. Make sure you don't hold them in place with a belt. Instead, if they begin to fall below your boxers just pull them up a little.
  5. Adjust your boxers, as they will be showing. Seeing as your boxers will be exposed, you should get some colorful ones. Make sure they are slim fit not baggy or plaid.
  6. Get the right shoes. Wear large, bulky shoes. His shoes are often showcasing a brand or label of some sort, so seek out the popular brands or most ostentatious shoes.


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