How to Dress Like Lilly from Hannah Montana

Want to look like the spunky "Lilly" from the hit Disney show "Hannah Montana"? Keep reading!


  1. Dress in funky clothes. Lilly dresses sporty, but she always makes her outfits really bright that stand out from the crowd.Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%201%20Version%203.jpg
  2. Wear a wristband. This gives a sporty look. A solid color wristband would be good.Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%202%20Version%203.jpg
  3. Wear a hat or cap, and turn it sideways. Make sure to pick out a hat that isn't too girly.Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%203%20Version%203.jpg
  4. Put on sneakers in solid patterns, not too flowery or boring for your feet. Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%204%20Version%203.jpg
  5. Make sure your colors match. For example: yellow + green and pink + purple and black.Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%205%20Version%203.jpg
  6. Some common color schemes she wears on the show are pink and black and green and yellow. Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%206%20Version%203.jpg
  7. Try out a funky, new hairstyle like Lily does! Dress%20Like%20Lilly%20from%20Hannah%20Montana%20Step%207%20Version%202.jpg



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