How to Dress Like Link from the Legend of Zelda on Club Penguin (Members)

So, you wanted to be Link but ended up like a green alien? Read this article.


  1. Turn peach. This will be Link's skin.
  2. Wear a green hoodie. It can be light or dark green (dark recommended ).
  3. Wear brown or gray boots, but you can't get gray boots anymore since they were in the January clothes catalog 2015. You can find them somewhere though.
  4. Wear 'The Sandy'.
  5. Find an evil penguin (found in secret room of Hidden Cave, EPF command room, or mine) and say, 'Is Hero of Time called Link,' and fight the penguin. You can have 3 phases (1:easy 2:stronger 3:hard) and save your Hyrule (Club Penguin island)!
  6. After you fought all the evil penguins, find a Demise, a Veran or a Ganondorf (aka Ganon). Defeat them and you are truly a Link!



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