How to Dress Like Liv Rooney from "Liv & Maddie"

"Liv & Maddie" is a brand new show on Disney Channel about two twins, Liv and Maddie Rooney. Liv is a TV star, and Maddie is the basketball captain. The steps below describe how to copy the great sense of style that Liv's personality and her living in Hollywood for 4 years have given her.


  1. Never wear normal pants. If you wear jeans or leggings, for example, then color or pattern them:
  2. Wear a peplum top when wearing pants.
  3. Wear skirts with a girly top:
    • Tops with a Peter Pan collar
    • Floral tops
    • Even a peplum top would work!
  4. Wear dresses that are fitted or tight on top and flared on the bottom in a style better known as "fit and flare. "
  5. Wear any kind of shoes. But mostly wear flats, high heels and rarely sneakers.
  6. Wear bold statement necklaces and stacked bracelets of the same color. Sometime wear a belts over your top.



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