How to Dress Like Luanne Maclean from My Darling Heart

This is how to look like LuAnne from my darling heart.


Her Classic Appearance

  1. If you watched My Darling Heart you might know LuAnne's classic, formal wear. It consisted of a red bodice (with a rose-pink brooch) that had a cut-out in-between the bodice and the skirt, revealing some bare skin. Its skirt was rose-pink with a slit in her right knee and a red jewelled sash that reaches floor length. LuAnne's classic costume is rare in merchandise and if you can't find it in merchandise proceed to the next part.

Her Disguise as Jolene Oldenburg

  1. LuAnne's disguise as Jolene Oldenburg consisted of a light teal top with little silver dots on it, a rose-pink floor-length skirt, and white sneakers.
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