How to Dress Like Luna Lovegood

Everyone loves Luna Lovegood, the looney, dreamy friend of Harry Potter! And you've read How To Act Like Luna Lovegood, and you want more on how to dress like her? Well, here's the step-by-step guide on how to create Luna Lovegood outfits!


  1. Choose exotic colors. Step one is to choose specific colors. Try to choose eye-popping colors, like neon pink and blue. When you do this, try to choose colors you wouldn't really see a lot. Mix maroon with bright yellow and colors like that. Just choose the colors you like and don't feel embarrassed.Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Choose the cloth. Step two is choosing the type of fabric. You can put denim with faux fur, velvet with plaid, or even paper and terrycloth! Just mix and match a lot of different fabrics! In the picture on the right, Luna is wearing terrycloth and nylon. Try to choose ones that don't go well together to put in a more Luna Look.Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Choose the clothing pieces. Step three is choosing the types of clothing. A normal Hogwarts outfit for Luna is a black skirt with a collared white top and a Ravenclaw tie. Also knee-high black socks with black Mary Janes. A normal Luna outfit would be a skirt with funky designs and ankle-length leggings with stripes and dots. Also, knee-high socks with bright patterns that normally don't match each other. You want to stick out and be noticed. Or, like the picture on the right, you could wear a more-muggle like outfit. Tan cargo pants with a purple shawl. Just put a lot of random pieces of clothing on! For your next school day, wear a knee-length dress (any color) and add knee-high socks. Stick out, girl!Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Choose the designs. Step four is choosing the designs on the clothing. Luna normally wears plaid, stripes, or stars on her clothing. Try matching polka dots with stars and plaid one time. Make sure they sometimes don't look right together. This is all what Luna Lovegood's about! Just match cool clothing and designs together! This picture is an example of stars and stripes on Luna.Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Choose the jewelry. Step five is choosing the type of jewelry you'll wear. Luna is known for her butterbeer cork necklace and radish earring and her beetle ring. Try wearing a big jewel (like a bug, or a big teddy bear) on a chain and (if your ears are pierced) any type of food-earrings. Another good example would be frogs or ladybugs with google eyes. You want people to notice your jewelry. When they say, "Oh, what an interesting necklace," look at them and say, "It's a charm, actually. It keeps the nargles away." They'll be confused but impressed.Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Don't forget to dress like yourself. As cool as Luna Lovegood might be, you still have to be yourself. At least try to dress a little like yourself. But here's one thing: You cannot be embarrassed about something! Be free! Let yourself be wild! Have fun while doing it.Dress%20Like%20Luna%20Lovegood%20Step%206.jpg




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