How to Dress Like Mad Eye Moody

Have you ever swooned over the enchanting character of Mad-Eye Moody? Have your pants ever been charmed off by Alastor's enchanting charisma? Then I can guarantee that you have had the urge to dress like the charming lad, but don't worry! You're not the only one. In fact, it is proven that more than 167 people search for ways to dress like Moody every month - that adds up to 2004 people every month. In this wikiHow, all of Mad-Eye's fashion secrets and mind-opening modes of accessorizing will be revealed. Get ready!


Get Those Pants Going

  1. Mad-Eye Moody only has one disadvantage, and that is his choice of pants. He does not like pants, but he realizes that he must wear them while out in public. He is saddened by this. For this reason, he likes to cover up his bottoms with a large trench coat or something of that fashion (but we're not just there yet). Alastor firmly believes that when you're wearing pants, you should wear something subtle, comfortable and flowing; black, low-crotched bottoms are preferable. We must also notice Moody's heritage; he is proudly Scottish, and wears a kilt regularly. It is most likely to see him in a kilt when attending a formal gathering. His main choice of pants remains his black flowies.

Show Off the Goods With the Perfect Top

  1. Now this is where it gets complicated, as Mad-Eye loves to mix & match, as well as layer formidably. As a base layer, Moody prefers a soft, cool, airy shirt that covers his arms and keeps him at a perfect temperature, like a premature chicken. On top of that, Moody loves a good leather vest, giving him a nice and firm feeling in his upper body. He loves when it has either a turtle neck and/or a few buttons, as those accessories give the young lad the perfect final touch he so craves.Finally, Alastor remains faithful with his ever-present trench coat, which helps to cover his poor choice in pants. It is brown.

Add the Perfect Amount of Bling with Flawless Accessories

  1. Moody can't go anywhere without his ever-present strap-on eyeball. He has trouble seeing without it, because he doesn't have an eye. But this is perfect, because (let's be honest here) who doesn't get turned on when they see that eyeball?
  2. Always remember Polyjuice Potion. It makes you seem really mysterious when you randomly take a shot of it, and it makes all the students wonder if it's why you're constantly high. Also, you'll turn into a psychotic mass-murderer without it. So keep it handy.
  3. Alastor is never afraid of some bling! If you see anything that glitters, is a metallic colour (or pink) or just looks pretty, take it and put it on your body! Mad-Eye has a great knack for choosing the perfect accessories, and you've always got to accessorize as much as possible.


  1. You're all ready! Grab some sexy heels and hit the dance floor. You look hot!



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