How to Dress Like Mad Men Women

The popular AMC TV show is starting a new wave of 1950's and 1960's fashions. Bits and pieces of Mad Men style is everywhere making it ease to dress up like the women of Mad Men. Follow these tips and you will be transformed instantly.


  1. Start with the dress. 50's dresses were either large and puffy circle skirts and fitted tops, or snug and curvy pencil styles. 1960's dresses lost the poof and went with more semi shaped sheath dresses. They also got shorter and bolder with bright colors like orange, green, and lemon yellow.
  2. Add a pair of heels to your dress. Basic tall pumps or cute little kitten heels were on trend for most of the 50's and 60's.
  3. Next add a vintage hat, They are very cheap and plentiful both locally and online. A cute little felt or straw hat perched on your head to match your dress will look best.
  4. Accessorize with pearl necklaces, a flower pin on your shoulder, charm bracelets, and coordinating ring. You can even find a long secretary pen to wear around you neck like Joan.
  5. Wear wrist length gloves to coordinate with your purse.
  6. A small cute, square purse or clutch bag is both fitting to the time and trendy today.
  7. Don't forget to learn how to wear 60's style hair and makeup.
  8. Go the extra mile and wear slimming undergarments to give your outfit that smooth, slim, put together appearance.


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