How to Dress Like Madonna for Halloween

3%202%2007,%20over%20the%20borderline%202641.jpgWe're living in a material world. How about being a material girl for Halloween?


  1. Decide which era Madonna you want to look like. 80's (pearls, crucifixes and mesh shirt), 90's (sex-crazed but classy), or 00's (mystical English Kabbalah expert)?
  2. Go to your local thrift stores and find appropriately revealing outfits. If possible, go with spandex.
  3. Buy absurdly long fake eyelashes, blood-red lipstick, and smother your face with outlandish makeup. This look works best for '80s Madonna.
  4. Invest in a cheap headset if you plan to sing/lip sync while dancing excitedly.
  5. Dye your hair platinum blond. Unless you are in the adult industry, you may want to only do this temporarily.
  6. Practice saying "Oooh! " all coyly, as in "Like A Virgin". Guys like this, especially if they are pretty sure you are joking.
  7. Go paint the town, but be wary of stalkers.


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